Tropical weather outlook issued by the National Hurricane Center on 4 September 2010 at o8:00 EST. Earl, now a tropical storm, is visible over the extreme northeastern USA and Canada; the red circle to the east of the Lesser Antilles identifies the remnants of tropical storm Gaston that is regaining strength and could potentially become a tropical cyclone once again. Other active disturbed weather systems are identified by the yellow outlines.

 In rapid succession over the past few days tropical cyclones Danielle, Earl and Fiona have followed quite similar tracks near the northern Caribbean, the Greater Antilles, and  near Bermuda to then re-curb toward the northeast and eventual dissipation over the north Atlantic. Earl came pretty close to the USA coastline near Cape Hatteras in North Carolina and on 4 September 2010 is interacting with the extreme USA northeast and Canada’s maritime provinces.

At this time however ‘Hurricane Alley” the Caribbean and Gulf and the far eastern Atlantic and equatorial Africa have plenty of tropical activity, which could at any moment lead to further development even tropical cyclones. There is a large tropical wave in the Bay of Campeche in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico that is looking menacing; near the northernmost Leeward Islands the remnants of tropical storm Gaston are trying to regenerate into yet another tropical depression, and just south of the Cape Verde islands yet another large tropical wave has emerged over the Atlantic to hitch a ride on “Hurricane Alley”.

Color-enhanced infrared GOES satellite view of the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf basins on 4 September 2010 at 09:45 EST. The yellow outlines identfy the various storms and cells of tropical weather activity.

We need to stay vigilant and keep paying attention as the tropics continue to remain active!

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