Hermine 8th-named Storm of 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Visible light satellite view of Tropical Storm HERMINE on 6 September 2010 over Gulf waters near Tampico, Mexico.

Projected track from the Navy Research Lab brings Hermine to a projected landfall near the USA-Mexico border.

 An area of low pressure that had developed over the extreme southwestern Gulf in the Bay of Campeche is now Tropical Storm HERMINE, the 8th-named storm of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season. Hermine is moving north by northwest toward a projected landfall in northeastern Mexico.  The Gulf of Mexico has seen quite a bit of tropical cyclone activity already this season, and the Bay of Campeche has had recurrent generation of disturbed weather cells, one of which eventually spawned Hermine.

After a slow start during which the 2010 season produced only two named storms in June and July, the month of August saw five named-storms: Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona and Gaston and a number of tropical waves that flared-up to dissipate afterwards. During the first few days of September Earl came close to the USA Atlantic coastline causing some coastal flooding and damage without making landfall, as it continued moving toward Canada’s maritime provinces and the North Atlantic; Fiona followed a track parallel to Earl but farther out over the Atlantic to pass close to Bermuda, and Gaston rapidly flared-up from a tropical wave to tropical storm strength to quickly fizzled out.

Composite of several satellite views creating a Global Mosaic of the Atlantic and Indian ocean basins on 6 September 2010. Tropical Storm HERMINE is within the solid yellow outline over the Gulf of Mexico; the strengthening remnants of GASTON and several tropical waves over the eastern Atlantic, equatorial Africa and the Indian ocean are identified by dashed yellow outlines.

This GOES satellite view offers a closer look of the eastern Atlantic and part of equatorial Africa on 6 September 2010 showing several tropical waves as they move westward toward the Atlantic.

Over the last couple of days however there has been some reactivation leading to tropical storm Hermine and a strengthening of Gaston’s remnants to the east of the Leeward islands, while a tropical wave has entered Hurricane alley in the eastern Atlantic and several tropical waves march westward over equatorial Africa

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  1. Ricardo says:

    Ar 20:00 EST on 6 September 2010 Tropical Storm Hermine had maximum sustained winds of 60 mph with higher gusts as it coninued to move north by northwest toward landfall in the region of the Texas-Mexico border. Elsewhere the remnants of Gaston have become quite disorganized and weaker as the system comes quiet close to the northernmost Leeward Islands, while the train of tropical waves over equatorial Africa continue in their westward voyage.

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