Typhoon MEGI approaches China

Satellite view of Typhoon MEGI on 20 October 2010 as it moves slowly over the South China Sea toward China for a projected landfall somewhere between Hong Kong and Shantou.

  Thyphoon MEGI continues to move toward mainland China on 20 October 2010 following a track that has varied continuously over tha last few hours as it moves slowly over the South China Sea. Currently it would appear the most likely landfall will occur on the coastline between Hong Kong/Kowloon and Shantou, but uncertainty remains as the storm is still several hours from making landfall. As of 0945 EST Megi has weakened somewhat, but it is still packing sustained winds in the 125-130 mph range and it continues to generate large amounts of rain over a large region in the western Pacific.

To view two days of Typhoon MEGI travel, including its landfall on Luzon, the Philippines, as a category 5 typhoon and  emergence over the South China Sea click on the link that follows: Two days in the life of typhoon MEGI

Projected track for typhoon Megi developed by the Navy Research Laboratory

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