29 July 2011: It is 3 + 2 !

On Friday 29 July 2011 the northern hemisphere tropics are looking quite active. Today there are three active tropical storms and two tropical waves [ 3 + 2 ] that warrant close monitoring as they continue to develop.

A strengthening tropical storm DON is in the Gulf of Mexico approaching the southeastern coast of Texas, carrying much needed rain for that drought-parched state.

Infrared satellite view of Tropical Storm DON on Friday 29 July as it moves in the Gulf of Mexico toward the osutheastern coast of Texas where landfall is expected later today near Corpus Christi

Tropical Storm DON's track on 29 July 2011 developed by the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory.










Tropical storm NOCKTEN is in the South China Sea attacking the island of Hainan as it continues moving toward Viet Nam. Tropical storm MUIFA is to the east-northeast of the Philippin, over the Philippines Sea, veering toward southern Japan.

Tropical storm NOCK-TEN crosses the South China sea in route toward Viet Nam on 29 July 2011

Track for Tropical Storm NOCK-TEN on 29 July 2011 prepared by the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory









Tropical Storm MUIFA in the Philippines Sea, West Pacific, veering North by Northwest toward Southern Japan

Tropical Storm MUIFA in far West Pacific om 29 July 2011; track shown was prepared by the U. S. Navy Research Laboratory









In addition to these active tropical cyclones there is a large tropical wave in the midst of Hurricane Alley, in the Atlantic, which warrants closer investigation and monitoring as conditions ahead appear favorable for possible cyclonic development. And there is another similar tropical wave in the western Pacific near the northern Marianas, which also needs monitoring for potential cyclogenesis.

Infrared satellite image of tropical wave about mid-way between Africa and the Lesser Antilles, riding Hurricane Alley, on 29 July 2011










Tropical wave surrounded by a large region of disturbed weather over the western Pacific on 29 July 2011









Elsewhere in the northern tropics there are numerous areas of stormy weather, such as in the southern Caribbean off Central America, the eastern east Pacific off Central America. and in the northern Indian Ocean, as well as over equatorial Africa.

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