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Proposing an empirical approach to risk management focusing on damage reduction, this is an article by Ricardo A. Alvarez published in Territorium 18 – 2011, pp 5-22, Digital Publication, ISBN: 978-989-96253-2-7; ISSN: 1647-7723. Territorium is the official journal of the Portuguese Association on Risk, Preparedness and Safety, which has been published since 1994 first as a printed journal and for the past two years as a digital publication. The article is based on the Keynote Address delivered by Ricardo at the 2nd International Conference on Risk hosted by the University of Coimbra, in Coimnbra, Portugal in May of 2010.

We inhabit an Earth where disasters and hazard events are more the norm than the exception, damage is often repeated and residents of vulnerable communities are surprised at the power of Nature. The typical model for emergency management lacks the critical component of hazard mitigation, and considers people as victims instead of resources,
while focusing on response instead of changing outcomes from hazards event.

Key Words: disasters; hazard event; vulnerable; emergency management; mitigation.

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