A hurricane approaches: How safe is your building or facility?

Natural hazards are sources of potential damage. Vulnerability results from the interaction of human activity with natural hazards. By virtue of sheltering the full range of human activity, the built-environment is at risk of sustaining damage when a given community is exposed to the impact of natural hazards. In Florida as a whole, but especially in the coastal regions, vulnerability to hurricanes is the greatest concern.

Vulnerability assessment is a method used to measure the degree of exposure of a building to specific hazards by characterizing possible impacts, and estimating potential damages, which also provides a foundation for risk assessment, and for identifying mitigation measures that can be implemented to reduce the potential for damage from recurring impacts.

If you own or manage a facility that is vulnerable to hurricanes and all you know about how resistant it is to the impact of a hurricane is that is meets the minimum requirements of the building code, there is a high probability that you could see substantial damage, and interruption of function if a major hurricane hits your area. To assess how safe is your facility, and what can be done to reduce the potential for damage from the impact of recurring hurricanes, you could benefit from commissioning a Vulnerability Assessment study that includes recommendations for specific and effective hazard mitigation alternatives you could implement. To learn more about what a Vulnerability Assessment can offer go to the banner Menu above, click on CONSULTING and select Assessment of Vulnerability to Hurricanes; November 1998.

Ricardo A. Alvarez is an expert in the fields of Vulnerability Assessment and Hazard Mitigation having completed hundreds of both types of studies and projects over the past twenty years.   To find out how you could benefit from a Vulnerability Assessment of your facility, and other consulting services, contact Ricardo A. Alvarez directly at www.mitigat.com or by phone at [305] 332-3664 or [305] 931-0871, or by posting a comment right here on this site right at the end of this posting.


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