Could it be Bertha out there in the distance?

Today is Wednesday 30 July 2014. For the past couple of weeks, and more so over the past four or five days we have noticed ‘hurricane alley’, out there between the western coast of Equatorial Africa and the Lesser Antilles, getting more and more populated by tropical waves, and larger cells of disturbed weather.

NOAA Satellite imagery from earlier today shows several such tropical waves, including one about mid-way between Africa and the Caribbean, that we have been monitoring over the past three to four days, which is showing some signs of getting better organized and potential for cyclonic development. 0730at0500ircolor22

Could this be the genesis of Bertha, the second-named storm of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season? Mother Nature will decide on the basis of the various contributing factors ahead of the current track for this system; in the mean time all interests in the Caribbean, Gulf, the Bahamas and Florida need to pay attention, remain alert, be prepared and keep MITIGATING!

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