Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Florida [2011]

This study provided a report to update the Effects of Climate Change on Florida’s Ocean and Coatal Resources commissioned by the Florda Oceans and Coastal Council published in 2009 and submitted to the Florida Energy and Climate Commission. [To learn more about this study click on the link: CONSULTING27]

This new report was published and submitted to the Florida Energy and Climate Commission, and the State Legislature, in 2011. The study focuses on the potential impacts of sea level rise on a range of resources in Florida.

The study was conducted by a group of experts invited by the State Department of Environmental Protection on behalf of the Florida Ocean and Coastal Council, and was subjected to peer review by an independent group of experts before publishing.

Ricardo A. Alvarez contributed his expertize on the impact of sea level rise on the built environment and coastal infrastructure, providing scenarios of what is possible and what is probable relative to the impact of sea level rise on the coastal regions of Florida.

This expertize can also be applied on a site-specific basis to individual projects, be it buildings or facilities in the design or planning stage or existing building and facilities, which may require retrofitting or enhancements to mitigate future potential impacts of sea level rise during the  expected service life of the building or facility.

To find out more about what Ricardo Alvarez can offer you relative to protecting your future or existing building or facility, or if you are a regional planner interested in regional impacts and possible mitigation or adaptation solutions, please contact me at: [305]931-0871 or by FAX at [305]931-4704, or via EMAIL at

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