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NEW BOOK: “PARAISO PROTEGIDO – Hacia una cultura de mitigacion” Is ready for shipment!

“The architect Ricardo A. Alvarez generously compiled passages from his ample and multidisciplinary knowledge to shape Paraiso Protegido,a book that in addition to being a critical text in the definition of our identity will, within a very short time, become a reference classic in the literature of prevention and mitigation of natural phenomena”

Carlos Constandse Madrazo
President, Grupo Quintana Roo
Cancun, QROO, Mexico

My just published book PARAISO PROTEGIDO: Hacia una cultura de mitigacion [in Spanish] is ready for shipment.  The price of the book, including shipping and handling, is $35.95 delivered anywhere in the continental USA via USPS priority service in a padded protective envelope.

To order send your check or money order payable to Ricardo A. Alvarez to:

Ricardo A. Alvarez
19530 NE 18th CT
North Miami Beach, FL 33179-3656

When ordering please  provide us with your full name and complete mailing address, as well as a telephone number and email address so that we may contact you regarding your order, and to confirm shipment.

As has been previously indicated on this site, the English version of this book is in progress and it is expected to be available in the summer of 2012.

Book Announcement!

Front cover of the book Paraiso Protegido by Ricardo A. Alvarez

I am happy to announce the upcoming publication of my book Paraiso Protegido: Hacia una cultura de mitigación, now in press at M.A. Porrúa Publishers in Mexico, which is being co-edited jointly with M.A. Porrúa Publishers and Grupo Quintana Roo.

This work distils empirical knowledge acquired throughout years of studying the impacts of natural hazards, tropical cyclones in particular, upon vulnerable communities and the sequel of damage and human suffering caused by the same. It also offers practical solutions for reducing the potential for damage from the inevitable impacts or recurring hazards.

Specifically, this book gathers lessons from the impacts of hurricanes in Quintana Roo, Mexico, such as hurricane Gilbert (1988) and hurricane Wilma (2005), which at some point reached category 5 strength causing tremendous damage to the region of Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and the Mayan Riviera. Paraiso Protegido is partially based on field work and an impact assessment I directed at the request of Quintana Roo state authorities, shortly after hurricane Wilma’s attack in 2005.

An important contributor to my decision to write this book were my conversations with the president of Grupo Quintana Roo, an organization that represents a leading sector of private business in Quintana Roo state, which made me realize the great need that there is for additional knowledge about the vulnerability of the place, how to manage the risk that it faces, as well as on alternatives for effective solutions to protect human activity and the urban environment, and the considerable investment of effort and capital that it represents.

Although the lessons shared and the examples of impacts and damage are based on events in Quintana Roo, I am convinced that the knowledge and solutions being offered in this book will benefit the many, in other countries, who because of their professions and activities have an interest in risk management, vulnerability assessment and especially in natural hazard mitigation in their respective communities.

Paraiso Protegido is being published in Spanish, but I am happy to announce that work toward a future English edition, which may include a digital version, is already in progress. I am committed to keeping you all informed about how these projects are progressing through postings on this site mitigate.com !

You can reserve your copy of Paraiso Protegido by stating your interest and requesting information via email to: ricardoalfonso@comcast.net

Back cover of book