Synergy under Climate Change [2010]

The Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration [GEER]is perhaps the largest, most complex project of its kind ever undertaken in the United States. Designed to undo decades of damage to the ecosystem caused by human activity GEER is the ultimate example of a mitigation project.

On the occasion of the biennial 2010 GEER conference, in Naples, Florida, Ricardo Alvarez presented a paper on the topic of Synergy Under Climate Change: The Coupled Everglades-Urban Coastal Florida System, in which he assessed the ongoing GEER project as a wide ranging mitigation project from the perspective of how the ecosystem and the urban environment interact for mutual benefit or detriment. [You may view a summary of the paper by clicking on the following link: Summary of Paper presented at 2010 GEER. ][The accompanying power point slides can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Power Point slides for 2010 GEER presentation. ]

This paper and presentation are good examples of the expertize in several fields and methodology Ricardo Alvarez brings to the table, as a consultant, when directing or otherwise participating in a variety of projects. In the specific case of the 2010 GEER vulnerability assessment and hazard mitigation were the two main disciplines that were used.

Should you have questions or concerns about the vulnerability and/or the potential impact of natural hazards relative to an existing project or one still in the planning stage, please contact Ricardo Alvarez to discuss how his knowledge and expertize may be of help to you.  Ricardo A. Alvarez. PHONE: [305] 931-0871; MOBILE: [305] 332-3664; FAX: [305] 931-4704; EMAIL:

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